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The Lost Seasons
Epsiode Guide

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The "Wind At My Back" opening credits are rolling. May {Shirley Douglas} is sitting in her parlor with Grace's head on her lap. Honey {Cythina Bellivea} is working on Callie's hair in her dress shop; Grace {Kathyan Greenwood} is smiling to someone; Hub {Dylan Provencher} is sitting on the stoop; Fat {Tyrone Savage} is shadow boxing; Max {James Carroll} is smiling holding baby Zack}; Violet {Natasha LaForce} is hugging her mother; Toppy {Robin Craig} is swing dancing with Archie; Doris {Kathryn Long} is gazing at her mother with wonderment; Bob {Dan Lett} is looking up from his paper work; Jim {Robert Bockstael} is removing his wedding ring; Pritchard {Bradie Whetham} is wearing an sign adviciting Honey's hair saloon and talking with Grace; Del {Ron Lea} is smiling waving at Grace as he prepares to leave town; Alice {Julie Annis} is holding Jacob; Maisey {Dalene Irvine} is smiling at her father and May; Eddie {Philip Granger} is busy playing chest with Fat; Van {Andrew Jackson} is loading up his car wearing his navey unforim.*

"Wind at My Back" is now back full time with all new epsiodes comming your way. All you have to do is sit back and use your imangings and enjoy being back in New Bedford."

1936 - 1950

Come join the town of New Bedford as they contiune on their jounary through life.  Join the Bailey, Sutton and Flett clans as they struggle to cope with the changing times and War looming quickly upon them.


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