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The Perfect Plan


Chapter One
Chapter One


"Hey Fat! What's going on?" an young male voice said as he walked up behind Fat.

Fat smiled and said "Not much Fred. You?"

Fred shrugged his shoulders and just left it at that.

"Let's go find Pitchard and Maisey and see what's going on with them." Fat said.

"Maisey I don't mind spending time with but Pitchard. Come on now Fat." Fred said.

Fat looked a little angry at his friend. "Pitchard is not that
bad. And you know it FredRick Cooper Bichtree."

Fred held up his hands and backed up a little. "Hey Hey. No harm done. I didn't mean anything by it honest. Let's go find Maisey and Pitchard."

Fat just shrugged and cooled his temper and he and Fred went looking for their friends.

"Hey Pitchard what's happing?" Fat asked his best friend as he and Fred biked up.

"Hello Fat. Hello Fred. Nothing really. I was just completing on how to get your aunt Grace; Fat; and my father to fall in love and get married." Pitchard replied.

Fat had an shock look on his face at what his friend had to say. *Aunt Grace and Mr. Flett. I never would have put those two together in an million years. Why Aunt Grace is an dreamer almost an child herself. Mr. Flett is an....... well an stick in the mud.*

Fred started laughing at the thought of Miss. Grace Bailey with Mr. Jim Flett. "I can see it now Miss Grace Bailey and Mr. Jim Flett as husband and wife. Oh golly what an site that would be." Fred slapped his hand to his knee as he bent over in his laugh attack. "Oh boy oh boy I wish I could be an fly during that marriage."

"Shut up FredRick Birtchtree. Aunt Grace and Mr. Flett would be perfect for each other." Fat said as he doubled his fists ready to slug Fred.

"Yea Fred keep your trap shut on things you don't know or understand." Pitchard said as he hurriedly went to Fat's side to stop Fat from punching out Fred.

"I'm all right now Pitchard." Fat said as he calmed down. "You know the more I think about it the more I love the idea of Aunt Grace and your father being in love and married." He grinned "Why we would even be cousins."

Pitchard smiled an happy smile.

Fred stood up and had an sicking look on his face. "I'm outta here. You two won't want to do anything fun now." Fred looped off on his bike down the alley.

Fat and Pitchard brought their heads together to go over some plans on how to get Grace Bailey and Jim Flett married.

"So that it than." Fat asked Pritchard as they exited the alley.

Pritchard nodded exciting. "Yep if the first plan doesn't work than we have tons of back ups."

"If the first plan doesn't work for what?" Grace asked as she stepped in front of the two boys.

"Aunt Grace." Fat exclaimed just as Pritchard strutted "M-Ms

Grace put her arm across her chest and tapped her foot. She looked down at the two boys and smiled "I'm waiting boys."

Fat and Pritchard looked quickly at each other and than back at Grace.

"It's nothing really Aunt Grace. It is just an project that we need to do for school is all."

Pritchard nodded.

Grace walked toward the two boys and put her arms around each of their shoulders. "Boys I don't believe an word of it. Now tell me what is really going on?"

"I'm sorry for lying Aunt Grace." Fat said apolazitly.

"Yea me to Ms. Bailey." Pritchard looked up into Grace's face. She'll make an great mom. She knows when I'm telling her the truth. He saw that Grace wasn't very angry at them for their little white lye.

"You tell me what is going on and perhaps I may even be able to help you boys." Grace said kindly.

"We are coming up with ways to get......" Pritchard started but than he got sense of what he was about to say "never mind Ms. Bailey it is not all that important." He pulled away from Grace and looked at Fat "I have to go I promise Dad that I'll meet him in our flat." He started to walk away and he turned around and waved at Fat and Grace.

Grace still had her arm around her nephew's shoulders she and Fat walked an little ways down the main street. "Ok Fat what is going on?" She asked seriously.

Fat looked across at his aunt. Should I tell her?

"So Fat. I am still waiting. What is the great plan that you and Pritchard are going to follow through with?" Grace stopped Fat just outside the front door of the hotel.

"Just that...." Fat shook his head. *I won't tell Aunt Grace about Pritchard great idea. I'm going to live it up to fate and Pritchard and me of course to help get Mr. Flett and Aunt Grace together.* He looked in his aunts eyes. *I do want Aunt Grace to be happy. I surely do hope that she and Mr. Flett do fall in love and get married they will make an perfect couple.*

"Just that .. what?" Grace asked kindly as she saw that Fat wasn't going to finished his sentence. She saw that Fat was making up his mind.

"Just that ummm..." Fat murmured.

Grace shook her head. "I don't want you to lie to me Henry. I won't have you tell me but; but just tell me this; this plan of yours isn't dangerous is it?"

Fat shook his head. "Of course not Aunt Grace. It's an good plan it'll make everyone involved in it happy."

Grace looked into Fat's eyes and saw the sincerity in them. "Ok Fat I believe you. Is your mother at home?"

Fat shook his head. "No mom and Max went out of town for the afternoon. They will be back by dinner time."


After leaving Fat and Grace Bailey outside of the alley Pritchard walked down main street and headed toward the lake to think out every possible movie of the first part of the plan that he and Fat came up with to get his father and Grace together.

"I has to work it just has to work." He said to himself as he jumped on top of an rotten old log. He shook his head and thought of his mother who sadly died in an car accident not to long ago. Your approve of dad falling in love again huh mother. I know you do. Otherwise I would not feel at peace with the idea of Dad with Miss. Grace. Or any other woman for that matter. He hopped off the log and ran an little ways to get to the spot on the lake that was his favorite.

He stopped short when he saw his father sitting at the spot fishing."Hey dad what are you doing?"

Jim turned and smiled at his only son. "Fishing. What are you doing here Pritchard?"

Pritchard went to sit next to his father and looked out at the water. "Ah just decided to come out and think about things."

"What should of things?" Jim asked as he to went back to facing the water.
"Nothing special. Life in general." Pritchard answered.

Jim nodded his head remembering when he was Pritchard age he to would go off on his own and complatele life.

"You know Dad I was thinking perhaps you, Miss. Bailey and I could go for an outing?" Pritchard said as he watched the side of his father's face as he was setting the bait onto his hook.

"Oh." Jim said as he carefully placed the moving worm onto the sharp hook.

"Yea I was thinking perhaps drive to Toronto and see if there is any good movies playing." Pritchard said with an little excitement in his voice.

"We have an movie theater here in New Bedford Pritchard." Jim said as he swung his arm back and casted an perfect cast.

"But the same movie has been playing here for weeks Dad. In Toronto there is at least two movies to pick from." Pritchard said.

"No Pritchard." Jim said as he got his fishing pole in an position for an long wait.

"But Dad you know Miss. Bailey would love to go to Toronto for the day." Pritchard insisted.

Jim turned his face and looked hard at Pitchard. "Pitchard I said no and thats the end of that." Jim turned back to face the water.

"Ok Dad. How about an picnic up at Bass Lake?" Pritchard asked.

"Bass Lake?" Jim asked with an little interest.

"Yea Dad it will be super fun." Pritchard said with excitement.

"If Miss. Bailey wants to I'm in." Jim said looking at Pritchard and smiling.

"Thanks Dad." Pritchard jumped up and patted his father on the shoulder. "I'll go find Miss. Bailey and ask her. I know she will say yes." He turned and ran back to town.

Jim laughed softly as he brought his head back to watch the water and his fishing pole.

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